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Miami Innovation Lounge opened

Miami Innovation Lounge opened

Trade fairs around the world have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to enable the cruise sector to find out more about the latest innovative developments in the industry, Shores Global, the leading furnishings supplier to cruise ships, opened the Innovation Lounge in Miami in January 2021. This showroom allows visitors to view at first hand inventive talent, sustainable products and creativity on land and at sea for the hospitality industry. Part of the set-up: drapilux, the textile manufacturer from Emsdetten, Germany.

A suite, bar, balcony, reception area – various fully furnished rooms are the star attraction at the Miami Innovation Lounge, where visitors are able to experience products in authentic surroundings. Suppliers from the entire interior furnishings market present solutions for sustainable, top-quality interior design, ranging from premium-quality textiles to virus protection technology. The ship design experts at Tillberg Design of Sweden are the brains behind the organisation of this innovation experience. “We are thrilled that drapilux was chosen by Tillberg to be part of the set-up in the showroom. It demonstrates that we have our finger on the pulse of the cruise industry with our designs and innovations“, stated Jérémie Chauvet, Sales Manager Maritime at drapilux. 

Miami Innovation Lounge opened
Miami Innovation Lounge opened
Miami Innovation Lounge opened
Miami Innovation Lounge opened

drapilux fabrics combine design and function

drapilux has been manufacturing fabrics for the maritime industry for over a decade.  The textile manufacturer has IMO (International Maritime Organisation) certification for 119 of its curtain and 17 upholstery fabrics, which comply with fire protection regulations at sea. The portfolio includes classic plain fabrics as well as modern patterns. Besides IMO certification, drapilux also has the so-called ‘US-Coast Guard Approval’, meaning that the certificates are recognised throughout the world and the textiles can be used on ships without encountering any problems. 

In the Miami showroom, the Emsdetten-based company is represented by five different fabrics in four of the rooms. drapilux 135 45 hangs in the reception area. This opaque semi-plain item in a classic blue shade bestows a sense of calm and elegance to the room. drapilux 262 17 in beige and drapilux 755 60 in violet create a harmonious duo on either side of the window in the luxury cabin. The dimout fabric drapilux 262 17 from the Boutique collection ensures that the cabin’s occupants enjoy a restful night’s sleep, whilst the cabin is veiled in a delicate, coloured hue during the daytime with drapilux 755 60. The dark grey of drapilux 808 38 emanates a calming contrast to the normal hustle and bustle of the bar area. With the intelligent additional function drapilux air, it also enhances the ambient air. Metal salts added to the fibres break down the odour molecules and convert these into harmless carbon dioxide and water, thus getting rid of bad odours permanently. 

The last of the five fabrics is located in the health centre: drapilux 191 45 comes from the “we care” collection. The block-coloured edging in blue and green convey a sense of peace, while the multi-coloured stripes in the centre inspire the imagination and provide excellent opportunities to mix and match with the flooring, wall or furniture. Moreover, the intelligent functions drapilux bioaktiv or drapilux antimikrobiell can also be applied to this fabric, in order to contribute towards a healthy indoor climate. Silver ions on the fibres, the essence of drapilux bioaktiv, create an antibacterial shield and thus guard against infections often found in hospitals. drapilux antimikrobiell not only protects against bacteria from settling on the surface of the fabric, it also has an antimicrobial effect regarding viruses, fungi and yeasts. Both of the additional functions result in textiles playing a valuable part in the hygiene chain. 


Trade fair experience amid Corona regulations

Shores Global developed a hygiene concept in order to present the products in a safe environment, which are in line with the guidelines announced by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. The Innovation Lounge is set up on site and can be visited subject to the observance of the rules pertaining to infection protection. There are also plenty of digital solutions, including tours, live streams and webinars for anyone who is unable to come to the Innovation Lounge in person. drapilux will take an active part in all of the events both online and offline. “We are basically creating a long-term congress which allows leading suppliers to present their products and where the decision makers in the cruise and hotel industry have a single place to access in order to learn about all the furnishing solutions required”, was how Susan Sadolin, CEO of Shores Global, summarised the Innovation Lounge. Jérémie Chauvet added: “In these exceptional times, the showroom provides a fantastic opportunity to present our products to the core decision makers in the USA. As Sales Manager Maritime, I am really looking forward to the exciting period over the next ten months.”

About Shores Global

Shores Global is a leading supplier of furniture which caters to the requirements of the cruise and hotel industries, providing a complete range of furniture for both indoors and outdoors, including fabrics. The experienced Shores management team enable their clients to successfully combine three components – comfort, style and durability – thereby meeting top-quality standards and the requirements of specific industries for its clientele. Over the past 30 years, Shores has continually abided by its slogan “if it can withstand the seas, it will survive anywhere” – and this slogan still holds today. The head office of Shores Global is based in Miami, Florida, USA. For further information, go to: 


About Tillberg Design of Sweden

Our vision is to make dreams come true. For us at Tillberg Design of Sweden, this means putting our focus on the guest and the goal of not only fulfilling expectations, but surpassing them. We strive for an element of surprise and the creation of memories which stay for a lifetime. We draft designs for a youngster on his very first cruise, a married couple celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, friends wishing to escape the everyday routine and anybody else aspiring to enjoy a holiday of a lifetime. We aspire to challenge and be innovative, but always keep our feet firmly on the ground in all of the three hundred projects that have been carried out over the years. We accompany our clients on their journey from creating a brand, room planning, producing convincing marketing visualisations, signage and inspections, down to establishing contact with consultants and suppliers. We are more than happy to provide advice on sustainability, and when the time comes, we will give your cruise ship or yacht a new lease of life with our extensive refurbishment experience. Welcome to TDoS – a global leader in ship design since 1964.



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